How to Get Twangy Tones on Guitar

The easiest way to do this is to go to a guitar store and buy a Telecaster (Mexican, American, Japanese, it doesn't matter) and buy a decent guitar amp. Again that doesn't matter. Bring it home, unpack it, tune it up, turn the amp on, plug in. Turn the bass on the amp's EQ alllll the way down to like near 0. Turn the mids up and over the middle line. Crank the highs. If you've got some reverb great; sprinkle that in lightly. Get loud. Like not 'I'm going deaf now' loud, but pretty stinkin' loud. Play close to the bridge with a extremely thick, uncomfortable pick in your thumb and first finger, and pluck a mess of strings with your middle and ring finger. Make em pop! It should sound like a chicken clucking at this point. Eureka! Twangy tone.

Almost done. Go buy a Cowboy Hat and shape that thing so it looks like you stick hot brands on cattle's asses for a living. It helps believe it or not!

Here are the links for above products you will need.