Pat McHenry

songwriter + performer

Pat McHenry is an award-winning songwriter in Seattle WA. His work has been featured on, Comcast, FOXNews, ABC, TBS, local and national independent films.


pat mchenry is an award winning songwriter, performer, and recording artist from the great pnw.

Influences: Ryan Adams, Paul McCartney, Rufus Wainwright, Buck Owens, 

Pat McHenry started playing music as a kid in the smallish town of Spokane, WA - halfway between Seattle and Missoula - where his eagerness for greater things quickly found him playing in up and coming NW bands.  "I just had to get out. I wasn't good at sports. I wasn't good at school. Music was the only thing that made sense." After playing in SXSW 2006, he decided to start blazing his own path. He formed Mon Chéri with friends in 2008, taking duties on singing, guitar playing, and songwriting. After many shows with the band, local, regional, and national coverage, touring adventures, and being ‘found’ by MTV he decided to go further with identifying his own sound and strike out with a solo project.

His latest album, Chinook Hooks, self-produced and recorded in Seattle at Brother Man Studio, represents some of his southern roots and wonderful agility with writing songs. It is a healthy dose of Honky Tonk with All American Rock aftertastes, relatable story telling, catchy melodies, and winsome composition.  Pat's music has been featured on TV, Radio, Independent movies, and a few commercials (Comcast, Foxnews).  His latest sync with ABC's Cougar Town featured a song he wrote, for a previous album, called 'Go On Go On'.  His original song 'Precious Thing' was featured in Global Credit Union's 2014 credit card campaign.